The integrated biofouling and underwater asset management system combines Australia’s only regulatory compliant in-water cleaning and filtration hardware, with novel blockchain technology that is setting a new standard in underwater sustainment capability. The integrated system assures operator compliance with in-water cleaning standards, whilst also enabling vessel operators to instantly demonstrate proactive biofouling management.

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In a world where factual information is critical and used by regulators around the globe to authorise a vessel's entry into jurisdictions, accepting the status quo and simply relying on your service provider comes with significant financial, operational and reputational risk. Integrity, transparency, traceability and trust are all essential when supplying critical biofouling, marine biosecurity and underwater sustainment services to the maritime sector.

Effective biofouling management depends upon multiple stakeholders, across multiple jurisdictions, each with its own agenda. This represents a complex and challenging environment for vessel operators when it comes to demonstrating compliance.

With a deep understanding of the challenges that biofouling represents to various stakeholders, a decentralised operating model approach to solving these issues using distributed ledger technology (blockchain), for the effective and efficient implementation of biofouling management requirements across the ecosystem was taken by Franmarine in 2018.

MarineStream™ is the purpose-built platform that is orchestrating the biofouling management ecosystem today. It is a key enabler for the practical implementation of IMO biofouling guidelines, in-country regulations and end-to-end continuous improvement.

The MarineStream™ biofouling and underwater asset management platform.

  • Holds the asset for instant operational readiness, seaworthiness and compliance demonstration purposes.
  • Contains digitised biofouling management plans, record books and multi-party workflows.
  • Configurable workflows assure compliance with port state biofouling requirements (ie. NZ MPI CRMS)
  • Multi-party workflows enable remote real-time collaboration with authorised stakeholders.
  • Captures data directly from integrated underwater inspection hardware (CCTV & ROV) assuring integrity of immutable records.
  • Holds the objective quality evidence (OQE) for the lifecycle of the asset, a common source of truth.
  • Enables interrogation of all data and OQE by authorised stakeholders within the ecosystem.
  • Encourages continuous improvement whilst building trust across the ecosystem.
  • Provides standardisation, transparency and traceability to fleet operators that depend on a vast network of suppliers across multiple jurisdictions.

The MarineStream™
in-water cleaning system.

  • The only in-water cleaning system compliant with the Australian In-Water Cleaning Standards.
  • A single 20’’ container, 10µ filtration and water processing unit with UV treatment capability.
  • Designed for rapid deployment and operation from wharf side or suitable support vessel.
  • A multifaceted system with tailored compatible tooling capable of a complete clean to biosecurity specification.
  • The only in-water cleaning system approved for use within Australian ports and used by the Royal Australian Navy.
  • Approved for use in Canada for the Royal Canadian Navy, and Coast Guard.
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